About Us

Bobby WIlkins

Bobby has been playing disc golf for three seasons now and carries a NutSac filled with discs from a variety of manufacturers, but notes his preference for Latitude 64 plastics. At his home courses, Bobby holds a handicap of about +10. His favorite disc is his Discraft Elite Z Flick, of which he carries two, one being new and the other very seasoned. While the flick may not have a huge distance potential, it is incredibly accurate and predictable, allowing the thrower to create all kinds of shots. He has recorded a single ace. 

Kyle McCarthy

Kyle has been playing disc golf for the last three years. He overwhelmingly describes himself as a forehand style player, relying mostly on his favorite disc, the Discraft Elite Z Nuke OS. Kyle is currently carrying a handicap of around +7 and is looking to improve by developing his backhand game. 

Zachary LaDuke


Zachary has been playing disc golf for the last four years and is avid lover of the MVP and Axiom  brands. On average, he carries a +4 handicap. Currently, Zach carries 24 discs in his MVP Voyager bag, of which, his MVP Neutron Tesla is his favorite; using it for reliability when throwing overhand. Thus far, Zach has logged 2 aces.